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Damnit Ted Won. Okay so

Damnit Ted Won.

Okay so it’s like 15 past midnight now and I am thinking it’s time to get ready for bed so I put on my PJ’s. What should I choose? My white? Blue? Nah, let’s wear these light brown and white stripped ones that always look pink because of the way the light relects off the alternating stripes. Then I went to the restroom and on the way out I see this fucken hot blonde chick in my living room and she says “Thanks!” and then waves at me and says “Bye!” then walks out. I am like “What the fuck?” And Mike tells me, “You missed it, again!” I always miss shit like this. She came over to borrow some soda and she promised to bring one back tomorrow. Oh Lordy!

God my life sucks.

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