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Today in my U.S Business

Today in my U.S Business History class, the teacher was reading off his lecture and he got to the Commerce Acts. The fourth point was how railroads companies could not charge less for longer lines versus shorter ones granted they were in the same line and the longer one contained the shorter one and they were going in the same direction. The wording on the handout (which he was reading from) used elevated language since it was a Supreme Court decision (or something similar).

So there is this “happy” guy who sits in front of the class. The teacher does not really like him because he always asks at least a question a day. Normally to explain or repeat something. Today he says he does not understand #4.

Teacher: What don’t you understand about it?
Student: Any of it.
Teacher: It’s in plain English [starts to read it again]
Student: Can you explain it rather than just reading it over and over.
Teacher: Well I’m sorry it’s in English and not Chinese.
Student: [very sad, wants to cry]

Rest of Class: GASP!
Hippie in Back of Room: That’s rude!

So now everyone was like in the WTF?! mode. Then 10 mins later I look at the students in front whispering to each other and it dawned on me. The teacher is such a bad public speaker that people started to bring microcassette recorders into class. There were no less than three 10 feet away from the podium. Sweet.

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