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Cut & Paste FizzleMan: how

Cut & Paste

FizzleMan: how much is it?
FizzleMan: it’s like 60 bucks?
PuffTedD: 40
FizzleMan: why is it so much
FizzleMan: oh god
FizzleMan: i can get 4 girls with that
PuffTedD: we paid 50 for britney!
FizzleMan: oh my god
FizzleMan: it was BRITNEY
PuffTedD: LOL
FizzleMan: that was SO entertaining
PuffTedD: shes as good as 5 girls?
FizzleMan: at least
FizzleMan: maybe 4 girls and 1 retarded one
FizzleMan: that stuttters
FizzleMan: iiiii looovvvee yooouuuu daaavviiid!

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