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Funny Apartment Happenings FizzleMan: my

Funny Apartment Happenings

FizzleMan: my god
FizzleMan: mike’s gf actually physically stopped him from eating a snack
FizzleMan: how fucked up is that
FizzleMan: and you can tell he is suffering
St6nl37: lol
St6nl37: how did she physically stop him?
St6nl37: did she tackle him?
FizzleMan: she took away the bag of the frozen potatoe slices
FizzleMan: that he wanted to heat up
St6nl37: like a bitch?
FizzleMan: yes like a bitch
FizzleMan: i hope cat does not do that to you
FizzleMan: i dont have a gf but holy shit
St6nl37: nope
FizzleMan: come to MY apartment and tell me i cant eat MY food
FizzleMan: what the fuck
St6nl37: disgraced like a little bitch
St6nl37: that’s just sad
FizzleMan: LOL!
FizzleMan: omg, i am lmao at that last comment
St6nl37: hehehe
St6nl37: can’t let it get to that point in the relationship 😉

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