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I am working on a

I am working on a judge, unless someone else wants to take care of it. Let’s recap this weekend.

On Friday I took my final which was extremely fun. For lunch, coworkers and I went downtown to Del La Guerra Plaza (sp?) where they had a bunch of booths setup for Fiesta. I had nachos and churros and horchata. Never ever eat churros and drink horchata together. As you are all aware, horchata is a liquid churro so it’s a very redundant exercise.

Then I went to work and the boss says we can leave early for Fiesta. YES! So I leave at 5pm – I felt like a rebel. Then I went home and had dinner and then Nick came to pick Mike and I up and we went to the Thunderdome to watch Jordan. MJ has his Flight School basketball camp here and they had a scrimage game. I saw the #1 and #2 high school players, a guy from the clippers, a bunch of college players. It was interesting. You can check out Mike’s pictures if you want.

Then after we went to Freebirds to get Nick some food. Then off to downtown SB we went. The freaks were out in force. My God, so much fun. I will continue this later.

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