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How come nobody is posting?

How come nobody is posting? You lazy bastards! Okay, so let’s continue my stories. Notice these are not even great, but they are interesting a little bit.

I started my Econ 137a class which is Managerial Accounting. Unlike my first session summer school class, there are absolutely no good looking girls here. I mean it’s a literal bore-fest and I can only stare down at my notes for enjoyment. Tomorrow I think I might start drawing hot girls in the margins. Even with my limited artistic ability, I should be able to churn our something more visually appealing than what life has to offer me.

Today work was okay. I was walking in the hallway and noticed what seemed like a cute girl from my Econ 119 class (the one I had first part of summer). I rubbed my eyes in disbelief and quickly asked the Payroll Manager if we had new hires and she said yes. However, none of the positions seemed to fit the girl. Later I went to play ping pong with Mike and she walks by again and I talked to her. She is so cute. I found out she works for some guy in some small company somewhere in the building. Basically his assistant because she was moving loads of stuff from one office to the other.

While we were playing ping pong, we watched this vending machine guy load up the soda and snack machine. I jokingly said “Hey hand me a soda since it’s already open.” and he replied “Sure, which one do you want?”. I was a bit shocked and said he gave the wrong answer. He then reiterated that he was serious and insisted I take one so I took a Hansen’s Cherry Vanilla. I spoke to him about the state of the (vending machine) industry and the newsletters, organizations, and conventions they have. I found out he is not a regular worker, but rather the co-owner of it. I then asked if he wanted me to try out some snacks before putting them in the machine, I would be glad to do it. So he again asked me what I wanted to eat? And I told him the sundried tomato chips. So he opened it up and gave me those. Life is grand. I hope I see him again.

Tonight my roommate and I went to Outback. Lots of good looking female workers there. We had prime rib and sirloin. Each seperately, not both at the same time of course. Our waitress was very friendly and pretty cute. She kneeled down to take our order. Many have told me they do that because studies have shown they get a higher tip. I think she just wanted to be near, “you know what.” Even it’s aura is mesmorizing…

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