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Cut & Paste PuffTedD: hows

Cut & Paste

PuffTedD: hows class?
DeathChrg3: it’s ok
DeathChrg3: it’s boring
PuffTedD: hard? hot chicks?
DeathChrg3: but it gets me thru the days
DeathChrg3: hot chicks…everywhere
DeathChrg3: hard…always….j/k
DeathChrg3: HAHAHA
PuffTedD: i dont know what you are thinking
PuffTedD: i was asking about the difficulty of your class
DeathChrg3: u better not post that in the blogger
DeathChrg3: i will hunt you down
DeathChrg3: when i get back
DeathChrg3: and make u drink the milk with everclear
DeathChrg3: i know
PuffTedD: haa you will forget by then

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