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Tip of the Day for

Tip of the Day for the Ladies
Here’s something I am quoting from Prudence, an advice columnist on Slate:

Dear Prudence,
I loved your answer to “Idiot Magnet.” I myself spent decades in the serial company of losers, burn victims, and sociopaths, despite my own education, talent, and success. Why? Who knows? But in my 40s, I decided I needed to firm up my criteria. Based on extensive experience, this boiled down to three requirements, all of which have to be present (not two out of three). I call it the Triple S standard, and it trumps any other illusory charm a suitor might possess. A guy has to be Single, Solvent, and Straight. Women will find this a great and useful qualifier. Once I adopted it, I saved myself a lot of time and trouble. And since I was hell-bent on finding a mate, I let the Triple S be my only criteria for six months. As a consequence, I dated a lot of guys I wouldn’t have considered before (i.e., not that great-looking, dorky, eccentric, liked stupid music, etc.) To my great surprise, I fetched a lifelong bachelor, an accomplished scientist with a brilliant sense of humor who was also ready to stop dating losers and find a lifelong mate. We adore each other and married two years ago.

?Michele K. in Seattle

Dear Mich,
Prudie is printing your letter as a public service. May it prove useful to those women with “Walk on me” signs glued to their foreheads.

?Prudie, correctively

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