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Well I haven’t written for

Well I haven’t written for a while and while I have told these stories many times, I will tell me again so you, my captive audience, could also be entertained. Let us begin.

I went to work and my boss was not there. Also, everything was already looked at and the new build of DTS was not quite functional. Then I left and had dinner then drove back. Ted drove back too and Steph came over to my place and we went to see One Hour Photo. It is said to be scarier than Psycho but that’s not quite true. It is very well done and I liked it alot. The wife in the movie was hot. If Nelly saw it, he’d probably say she was making it Hot in Herrrre.

Went with Ted to Winerschnitzel. Yes I know that is spelled wrong. Then we drove to Irvine to see the Sprite Concert Tour. We got lost because of confusion between the 5 and 405 and after being lost for about 30 mins we ended up at the Verizon Ampitheatre, but we were way too early. We then spent an hour at the Irvine Spectrum. It’s like the Block at Orange but much much cooler. We went back to the concert at about 2:00 PM. We went in and they didn’t open the doors for the seats yet so we just checked out all the booths they had. They had SO much stuff like KROQ/Hyundai booth, Blockbuster PS2 booth, Chronic Candy, various clothing lines, food galore, etc etc. Oh yes, and a street basketball setup where you can watch exhibition games. It was very hot and the girls were out in force. Girls girls girls! Eventually they let us in and we took seats. We sat in the left middle. The front part of the stands were either blocked off or crowded. Ted wanted to move closer but I liked our seats.

We saw Nappy Roots, N*E*R*D and the new band they signed that Pharell says is like Steely Dan, Justin Timberlake, Tony Hawk, Rocksteady Crew, Hoobastank, 311, Alien Ant Farm, Jay Z and the Rocafella Family. I think the best performances were 311 and Jay Z and N*E*R*D. The first two are extremely entertaining musically and the last was really good at working the crowd. At one point Pharell told the crowd to all come to the front since everyone paid General Admission fees anyways. He said it was the last leg of the tour and he doesn’t need the money. So when he said that everyone bum rushed the stage. You saw the faces of the security personnel writhe in pain. Then in between sets we saw a huge fight. It was like a 6 person fight and we caught glimpses of heavy fists flying. Many people got kicked out and at least one guy went to the hospital. Ted didn’t seem like he enjoyed it much. He was very very nervous at the end because he was afraid we wouldn’t get out. So he made us leave 25 mins early and I missed my favorite song of all time – Jay Z’s Can I Get A…

Took mom and grandma to church then dropped them off. Went to Ronald’s house at 12:15 because we were supposed to meet for the Dodger Game at 1:00. Ronald does not tell us it got changed to 4:10 PM. We sat in the sun for quite a while til his parents came back and let us in. Then Ronald came back and apologized. We watched the US Open Men’s Finals and then went to McDonald’s where he treated us. Then we went to the Dodger game and man that place is SUPER confusing. The parking is really hectic and scary. Oh yes, it was super hot. I would say mid 80’s at least. We got really good field level seats but it was way in the back of left field. We got free hats. The game sucked. Dodgers did not do well. Their star Japanese pitcher took the mound in like the 4th inning and everyone was booing because he gave up hits previously. Then this guy hit the ball and whacked him in the skull and they had to stop the game so he could go to the hospital. Turns out he had a skull fracture. Let me tell you, that was a very scary moment. Then we drove back home after the game and Ted and I drove back to our appropriate cities, SD and SB.

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