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So I start writing my paper yesterday at around 8ish. I’m having a hard time writing, so it takes me a good 5 hours to finish my paper. So around 1 almost 2, I save my file into a floppy so I can wake up in the morning and print my paper out at school. So i’m thinking that everything is fine and I go to bed and wake my ass up at 7:30 to get ready and catch the bus. My paper is due at 9:30, I get ready and wait for the bus to come at 8:30 and I get to school around 9. Now the walk takes a good 10 min from the bus stop to the library, so I get to a computer around 9:10ish. I pop in my disk and click on my file. All I see is a blank sheet! So i’m thinking, ok, maybe i clicked the wrong file, so i repeat the process. SAME THING!!!! Now it’s about 9:15!!! Paper is due in 15 mins, and I have jack shit! I have no time to go back to my apt and see if my paper is saved on my hard drive so i go to class and tell my professor the situation, and luckly he’s cool and gives me till tomorrow. Whew! So now I will go back to my apt later and pray to God that my paper is somehow saved on my hard drive, or else, I have to stay up yet again and write another paper. That’s the end of my story.

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