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Dumb Hispanic Taco Bell Workers

Dumb Hispanic Taco Bell Workers
Emphasis on the “dumb.” So I went to the Taco Bell drive thru and I order a Baja Steak Chalupa and a Nacho Supreme with no beans. Oh and a cinnamon twist. Not the hardest order in the world. Took the dumb fast food drone 5 minutes to understand it. When I got there he was pissed because I seemed irritable. I was. Total was $4.41 I said, so I handed him the money and said here is “4.51.” He closes the window and goes to get my order. An older hispanic man handed me the food and I said you guys owe me 10 cents. So he calls the first guy back (young kid) and he says “You handed me 4.51.” and I said “That’s right, the total was 4.41” To which he replies “What? You want 10 cents?!?!” I said “well..” and he hurridly (sp?) hands me the change. I was going to say “Why don’t you go ahead and keep it and maybe you can buy yourself some simple math lessons you dumb fuck.” Then I thought about why I don’t insult losers: They have nothing to lose (except deportation?) so they wouldn’t mind killing me. Shame. BTW, if the person was an elderly polish woman I would have titled this post “Dumb Polish Senior Citizen Taco Bell Workers.” In this case it was a dumb Hispanic, go figure. Actually, I think it was a dumb Mexican, but I have to be PC and all. 🙂

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