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First Day in San Diego

First Day in San Diego
So I take this week off from work. I don’t have class until next week. I took the train to SD. First of all, I should have listened to my mom. There was so much traffic going to LA. I got on the train at the last minute and went to SD. The scenery sucked until the last half hour. I got to the Solana Beach station and waited outside for like 10 minutes then Melissa came. Then we went to her house. Oh boy, it’s so big and nice. The backyard sucked though since there was no landscaping, just rocks and dirt. Then we went to Pacific Beach and ate at Da Kine’s. It is like Shakas. Very much like it. Then we went to like one or two shops and then went to Ted’s place. Ted lives in a mansion on top of a hill. Unfortunately, we could not appreciate it until a long time afterward since he gave us such bad directions. I mean bad like crap is bad compared to sex with a beautiful girl on a field of daisies with a bottle of really fine wine. Anyways, Melissa and I got the grand tour and we watched most of Monsters Inc. Then she left and everyone went to the archery range at UCSD’s campus. That was fun. Then Fry’s to get a super expensive printer for Ted’s housemate. Then some Japanase restaurant where I got crappy Philly Rolls but good baked spicy California Rolls. Tomrorow – another adventure!

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