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A Thing or Two About

A Thing or Two About Communicating
I think it’s funny how the more tools we are given to communicate with one another, the less we use them. I am not really referring to business related communications, like people talking on their cell phones or faxing memos because they have to, but voluntary ones. The ones among friends. It’s very interesting, I think, that many people are too busy to ever write, call, or even IM others. Actions are a result of choices and circumstances. Chris Rock joked that the Senator(?) that was criticizing Clinton during his Monica-gate scandal should shut up because nobody was offering to give him oral sex. It’s easy to say, “I would never do that!” when you are never in that position. As such, it seems that once people gain new friends or other avenues of entertainment, they just ignore the old. Out with the old, in with the new. Is that how the saying goes? The problem with this is many-fold. First, some argue that they don’t ever initiate a conversation or talk with anyone. They are just online doing research or checking email they say. Oh really? Then why is AIM running? You don’t need it to check email or do research. Second, how long do you think your new friends will last you? Longer than your old ones will? Possibly. But as wise Ted said, “Two [groups] are better than one.” Word. Maybe you shouldn’t be limiting your resources. Who knows, the one person who might be able to provide you with something you need can’t because you just shut him/her out of your life. Next, it’s the people who only IM you when they need you that annoys me. They come after silence for months and they want to know how to fix something? Or where to buy something? Or my opinion on something? Please.

So what is the solution you ask? Well the solution is those people will never change. So, you and I have to. Always be the one to keep in touch. Always be the one to keep the lines of communication open. That is the nice and PC approach but absolute bull. Saying “hi” or “how have you been” seems to be viewed as a bother or nuisance rather than appreciated as a genuine effort at preserving the ties of friendship. The flipside is to say “f*ck it” and that is the right answer. The question is how strong of a person are you? It takes a special character, a strong person that does not give a damn, to be able to not even bother.

I think I will end this by saying that I am always surprised when some people that I talk to the least actually come out of the shadows and IM me. I am always taken aback (is that term right?) and I sit and smile a bit before I reply. Normally I’d leave with some nice quotes but I couldn’t just choose one. So here are a few:

“You and I were long friends: you are not my enemy, and I am Yours” ? Benjamin Franklin

“Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say”

Peace. I’m out.

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