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San Diego: Part Deux I

San Diego: Part Deux
I woke up at 9 AM because I slept on the futon in the living room and Ted’s housemates all wake up early to go to work. So I stayed up and read Maxim and did various activities until Ted woke up. First thing we did was go to the hanger port near Salk Institute. We parked in the dirt near the port. Then we went as far as they would let us and I took many pictures of people trying to take off, land, and fly around with their hangers. They were obviously beginners or inexperienced because they were not that fun to watch. Next, we walked to the Salk Institute and had lunch. Ted tells me that they were the ones that found the Polio vaccine. Wow. We both had pepper steak with potatos and bread. We talked about our careers for a while and when everyone was leaving, we left too. We went out to the courtyard and I took more pictures of it. Very nice. Next, we went to this plaza where Bank of America and BJ’s is. Ted went to the bank and while he was in line I read the Wall Street Journal. Next was the Post Office hidden behind the plaza. Ted needed to mail out a Dell rebate but he had neither a stamp or an envelope. Stamps were available at the machine but he still had to stand in the very long line for the envelope. So being the nice guy I am, I went to Kinko’s and bought him an envelope. 5 minutes later we were off. Wow, what an exciting day so far huh? I am going to put a paragraph break so people want to keep reading. Here goes!

We then decided to go to the Scripps Oceanography Institute. Ted didn’t want to pay $6 for parking so we parked in the student parking lots which is free for the next week or so due to a grace period. We made the hike up the hill and paid the $6.00 (6.50 for me because I am not a UCSD student). We went through the aquarium as well as the museum. Scripps must really love seahorses because half of the museum was about seahorses. Everything you could ever want to learn about seahorses was there. Next, we went to La Jolla Cove(s?). We went there to see the fat and lazy seals on the beach. As we were walking toward the cliffs, Ted exclaimed, “Quick take a picture of the squirrel! He is sucking cock.” He really was just playing with his tail but I took a picture anyways and now it’s on Ted’s desktop. We left and took the scenic route through Pacific Beach. There was nothing too scenic about it except the hot hot girls. We went to Mission Beach. It reminded me alot of Pismo Beach and I guess Pacific Beach too. We checked out a tattoo place and then left. Ted tried to take me across some famous bridge to an island where they have a resort and station warships but he couldn’t find it. We went through the Gaslamp District in SD, then through Hillcrest. Ted tells me that is his favorite town because of all the flaming people that live there. Then we were hungry so we went to University Town Center to get some cheese fries. We both got Surf City smoothies too. Boy they are so good. Really really good! After some yummy cheese fries it was back to Ted’s place. Dinner is next.

We went to watch Junkyard Wars because it was an episode where the teams had to build paintball tanks. Groovy baby! Ted’s housemates made pasta and baked salmon. It was good. Very nice of them to share. We ate then finished the last 10 minutes of Junkyard Wars. That’s it for today. Chat and sleep then tomorrow is a new day!

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