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San Diego, Third Time’s a

San Diego, Third Time’s a Charm
This is the third day I spent in SD. We got a late start and didn’t start eating lunch until about two. First we went to Washington Mutual then walked across the parking lot to eat at Chipotle. I didn’t think it was possible to spend $11 bucks on fast mexican food but I proved otherwise today. It was good though. Then we went to Balboa Park so we could go to the Museum of Man and see the special Inquisition Exhibit. It was kind of pricey at $8.00 with no student discounts. We finished it in less than an hour. It was just a small room but boy was it interesting. It was all about instruments of torture during the Inquisition. After we finished, we walked around a bit and then went to the Gaslamp District in Downtown San Diego so we could go check out the Here is New York photography exhibit. My god, the pictures were phenomenal. I would have taken pictures of the exhibit but they would not allow it. The best part is it was FREE! We left in 38 minutes after I wrote some words in the book and gave a small donation. Ted decided that he would take me to Coronado Island which is really a penninsula. We went to the beach and Ted showed me this historic hotel called Hotel Del Coronado. It was not that exciting. Then we went back. Good times! For dinner we went with Ryan and another housemate to Tofu House. They all got soup and I got pan friend tofu. The girl gave me the order with veggies even though I ordered it the regular one. It turned out all good because she didn’t charge me extra. Whew. Then we walked a few stores down and into Tapioca Express where I got a Almond Ice Tee Snow Bubble. It was the nicest boba place I have ever seen. Very hip and trendy looking with a heavy dash of FOB. Next was Albertsons to get alcohol, then back to Ted’s house to play drunken Trivial Pursuit: Millenium Edition. Ted and his partner won. Ryan and I were very sad. The End!

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