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Friday, San Diego Style It

Friday, San Diego Style
It was the last day of my trip to San Diego. We went to UCSD so Ted could get his carpool parking sticker on his permit. Then we went to the bookstore so he could buy his books. There were about two or three really cute girls and I pointed them out to Ted to which he explained they all miraculously disappear when school starts. They only come out during summer and spring break he said. LOL. Before the bookstore, we went to the little foodcourt area. He had a meatball sub at Subway and I had a two taco combo (fish and steak) at Rubios. I ordered a little too much since I couldn’t finish. Next, we went to Office Depot to check out a hard drive for Ted and then Chevron to get gas.

Next, back to the house where we waited til traffic to clear up. Then we drove on the 15 to Riverside to visit Ronald at his Grand Marc (aka CASTLE) apartment. My god, it was so nice. It’s like living in a hotel (complete with key cards), but on a 9 month stay. He showed us around briefly then took us to the theatre so we could watch Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever. We had a nice discussion about the movie during the drive to TGI Friday’s. It was half past midnight at this point and right smack in the middle of Happy Hour. Drunken hot chicks and their male companions everywhere. We got cheap appetizers (about $4 each). I paid $8 for mine since I ordered one of the two that were excluded from the Happy Hour deals. DOH! We left near closing and then came back and slept. Then today, we drove back to LA. That’s probably going to be it for my detailed day to day adventures. I’ll go back to normal posting mode now.

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