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Racists Are Bad, White Racists

Racists Are Bad, White Racists Are Worst
An appendum to my entry earlier today. After we finished eating, Ronald pulls his Accord out and we turn to hit the stop sign in the parking lot so we could eventually exit. There were a bunch of people outsisde and they are all walking diagonally across the lot and before Ronald hits the intersection, he has to stop so they could walk across the path of his car. This one guy who kind of strayed behind looks at Ronald and Ted and I in the car and he says “Hey Nippers!”. Nobody heard except me and I turned and said, “What the fuck!?” but at that point Ronald already drove on. I wouldn’t have done anything if he had stopped but it was very upsetting. First of all, the correct racial term is nip and that refers to a Japanese person. It is not nipper. Maybe the redneck was trying to apply the -er suffix the same way he would to the racial term for blacks. Sorry, that does not work. He probably thinks chinker is valid as well. Second, Ted and Ronald are Chinese American and I am Vietnamese American. That does not equal Japanese, sorry. It would have been more appropriate if he said Ch*nk or VC or Charlie.

In all fairness, it must be challenging and perhaps unfair for white racists. When he insults an Asian, he has to distinguish among so many different nations. That must prove difficult for a student of a country where most students cannot name all the states and state capitals. He could mistaken an Indian for a Saudi and call him Sand Ni**er. Or a Thai person for a Chinese and call him Ch*nk. Luckily, in America, dumb whites are rednecks, wiggers, whatever…no matter where you go. We might have some problems if we mistaken an Irishman for French and called him Smelly, but luckily I don’t plan on moving to Europe anytime soon.

Moral of today’s lesson: Don’t be racist. And if you choose to be, don’t further embarass your race doing so.

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