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Stupid Jaywalkers So I turn

Stupid Jaywalkers
So I turn and drive down the street that goes perpendicular to the one I live on. I see this preppy Bel Air black guy and his two white friends approaching the street from the sidewalk. They are smack in the middle of the block, nowhere near a crosswalk. I am goin maybe 15-20 mph and I am thinking, “these fucks couldn’t be stupid enough to jaywalk without looking.” Looks like I give too much credit to people. Without missing a beat, the Fresh Prince steps into the street as the front of my car goes by. I slow down just to see him wave his hand in the air like “I cannot believe this guy didn’t stop! The nerve of some people!” I was like you stupid son of a bitch, I should have ran you over. During the last 15 seconds of the drive back to my apt, I was thinking I should have stopped and told him how stupid he was. Then I realized he may look like Denzel but he might be packing like DMX.

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  • I get people doing that by my school too. I always honk and pretend to swerve… you know those signs in San Diego that show the immigrant family swinging the kid in the air? It looks like that. But that’s what they get for crossing the street in front of me!

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