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Red Dragon and Irene In

Red Dragon and Irene
In conjunction with Big Red, UCSB put on an advanced screening of Red Dragon. If you didn’t know, this is the first in the Hannibal Lecter series. The second being Silence of the Lambs and the third being Hannibal. So we get there and we are chillin’ waiting for it to start. The girl in front of me is kind of cute, a freshman I figure. So I tap her on her shoulder. I wanted to ask her about her nose ring and why it doesn’t fall through the hole. So I tap her and she turns around slowly like I am going to jump her. Then she’s like “yess….???” and I say “Hi, what’s your name?” and she says “Irene….” Right now she looks horrified. Definitely, “What the hell does this guy want? Is he picking up on me?” So I say “Cool, I am David” and I proceed to stick out my hand for her to shake. Then I leave a moment of awkward silence to scare her some more. Then I ask her about her nose ring and she went on and on about it and even showed me how it’s hooked on the inside and how she took it out once and couldn’t put it back in. Interesting.

Next, the movie was phenomenal. Ray Finnes, Hopkins, Norton. All such great great actors. I don’t know if Norton was quite right for the part. He had his laid back, just smoked out look – just like in Fight Club. Problem with Ed is he can never change. He can’t be elegant like Brad is in Meet Joe Black or fierce and crazy like he is in Fight Club. No variation. Regardless, he did a great job. The movie was very smart, somewhat gruesome, and all entertaining.

Today’s lessons: (1) If you are a girl and wonder why more strangers aren’t nice to you, don’t look at all of them like they want to get into your pants. (2) Watch Red Dragon. DO IT!

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  • You NEVER, EVER offer to shake hands with a woman! You are supposed to wait for them to offer to shake. This principle has never failed me.

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