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Wow no one has posted

Wow no one has posted in a long long time šŸ™

21+ Saturday Fun
So about a week ago joyce calls me and asks if i’ll be back in mpk on sat.. turns out there’s gonna be an unofficial bday celebration for vince, steph and me! But oh no! I have a jack johnson concert on the same day. I decided to forgo the concert to see cool friends back at home. So on sat i drive home and eat a chili dog and watch brotherhood of the wolf at david’s place. Then at night the bday people + david, joyce, and big ron drive to Dave ad Busters at the Block! Pretty nice place.. looks like a casino. I had a Long Beach.. or as the homies call it “LBC” It’s a long island iced tea but with different juice. We ate there too and it was fun to see people buzzed šŸ™‚ Later on jeff, russ, and nathan show up. I take a oatmeal cookie shot along with them.. yum. I didnt get as wasted as i did the night before (drank so much at party) but it was nice just to hang out.


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