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i guess i will get

i guess i will get into the posting spirit as well today. let’s see, what did i do today?

i woke up really early this morning (around 6ish) and went to interplay for some early morning work. weeeeeee. i had a bawls energy drink that got me pretty tweeked so work went pretty quick. mostly chatted with my friend scott about girls, the problems they cause, and ideas on how to move on. you know, guy stuff. heh.

after work, it was time for school. school was so boring. neither class i have on tuesdays and thursdays have cute girls in them. after struggling through 3 endless hours, i headed back to the appartment for a little r&r. later that night, i went to a meeting for a club i’m in. they had some speakers from amd, epox, and kingmax talking about their companies. pretty cool stuff. i even got a free pocketknife outta the deal. all in all a pretty uneventful day. go click on that link on the left there and send me an im. i’m bored outta my mind.

so guys? whatever happened to judging for c3?

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