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Thanks for posting Ted. I

Thanks for posting Ted. I must say, I am very disappointed in everyone, including myself, for not posting. Does anyone know if Ed is even alive? Ronbo says he gave him a call and he is chillin’ in NC with his (all female) cast of friends. Word. Go pimp.

So here is my post. Today I took my midterm for German 143: The Superhuman. I wrote at least 6 pages in the large blue book. Good times, except my hand hurt after. Then I rode my bike across campus to my Econ Law class. So many cute chicks in the class. The one hot skater girl I have been checking out decided to sit next to me. Growl! Then I went to Macroecon. And that chick, she’s in that class too. So she sits in front of me to the left, so I could have an easier time checking her out. I had Macroecon so much. It is so boring. Like watching grass grow, or my love life or something. For dinner I had a chicken pot pie and for entertainment, I watched Friends. I love that show. Tomorrow I have a econ discussion and a quiz then I am off to work. What, you don’t work Fridays, you ask? Well that is true but I missed a few hours on Monday and Wednesday of this week to attend study sections and eViews training. Tomorrow, I have to make up hours.

What else is new? I got a few more paintball guns. As always, you can check them out in my gallery. Some new albums and music videos added to my site as well. The new Eminem song, “Run Rabbit Run” from the 8 Mile soundtrack is good. They are finally releasing the movie based on one of my favorite books. It’s called Catch Me If You Can. Go check it out!

This evening this HOT girl came asking for me to register to vote and to sell me on the recall issue (rather to tell me not to recall). Anyways, I said I already filled out a registration card and if it would be okay if she collected the cards. She said yes and I went to get it. Then I gave it to her and we had small talk about politics. Oh god, she was mixed, so cute. Like…I don’t know. Just really a fine specimen. God bless.

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