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Yes, I am still alive

Yes, I am still alive and well in NC David. But nothing exciting ever happens in my life, so I do apologize for not posting. But here is an interesting article that I came across while looking at ESPN website. Now when I read the articles and check out scores, I seldom look at any hockey related articles, but this was just too weird to pass up. Since it’s a hockey article, here is the interesting portion of the article, but for those who want to actually read the article in its entirety just click on the link. Talk about shrinkage

“However, it was not Thornton’s playmaking nor the repeated acrobatic stops by
Steve Shields off Calgary’s Jarome Iginla that caused the biggest stir.

A streaker scaled the glass near the penalty box during a stoppage in play with just
over five minutes to play and went onto the ice.

Wearing only a pair of red socks, he slipped when his feet touched down and he
landed hard on his back. He was apparently knocked unconscious when he banged
his head on the ice and was motionless on his back beside the boards.

After a delay of six minutes, he was removed on a stretcher to a loud ovation from
the crowd of 15,346. Having regained consciousness, he pumped his hands in the air,
further delighting the other fans.

Thornton was fairly confident that the fan was not rooting for the Bruins.

“He had red socks on. You guys can have him,” he said.

Calgary tied it 3-3 with 19 seconds left in the second period on a strange play.”

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