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Today I woke up at

Today I woke up at 8 and went to section. We got out early because we just had our midterm yesterday and the TA was lazy. I rushed home on my bike and drove to work. The company meeting starts at 10 and I made it in the nick of time. Since last meeting 2 months ago, we have 16 new employees. Not many tech people, mainly support, sales, marketing etc. The company is getting some pretty good looking women in. Of course, no female engineers. The meeting went about 1:20 and then it was time to do some work. I did some following up on issues and slacked a bit. Then we went to lunch at Rudy’s. It’s Fred’s favorite mexican place. Joyce likes it too.

The lunch took an hour and half because we were discussing a proposal for new equipment. Everyone argued and things got a bit confusing. In the end we figured it out, I think. Then it was back to the office. I worked on testing remote printing since that is seldom looked at. I also did some tests with the Time Zone reporting that I had tried out last night. It is such a neat project but a bit confusing. The testing cases were incorrect too, thus leading to more confusion.

Then at 3:30 my boss said we should all go to see Jackass. I am not a huge fan but heck, get out of work early? I am game! I ask my boss when exactly we are leaving so I can print out my timecard. He made some joke that didn’t answer my question so I wrote down 3:30. Well, 5 minutes later he tells me that I should just put my full day’s work. I almost always work til 6 so I put that. Then we all took seperate cars to work and I had to borrow money because I only had a buck. Matinee was $5.50. Well my boss paid for all of us! So in we go and we are at least 1 hour early. Good thing I guess because soon the theatre filled with youths. So many hot girls. Anyways, the previews sucked and the moive was pretty good. There is some really extreme stuff they do that you cannot watch. I mean the whole audience is cringing. You find yourself saying “OH MY GOD!!!” or “NOOOOOOOO!” so many times. Some scenes nobody laughed at all. You kind of give them a smile for effort, but that’s it.

Then I came back home and I had a King’s Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken Bowl. I tested out both my Spyders and found them to have +/- 1 consistancy. YUMMY!

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