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WOW Today at work Mike

Today at work Mike is like “hey wanna go see the game?”
“What game?” I asked.
“Women’s volleyball”
“Pick you up at seven”

So I go home at 6 from work and I don’t bother eating dinner. He picks me up right at 7 and we go to the Thunderdome. We get in and the place is pretty filled with people. We find some seats near the center and the game starts. The Women’s Team is 23-0 going into tonight’s game. That is 23 consequtive wins. Can you imagine? So they are playing Pepperdine and they are good. So good. It goes back and forth and Pepperdine wins game one. Then I thought “crap this is over!” But Gauchos pull back and win game 2. Now it’s tied. Remember, they are playing best of 5. Great highlights include the HOT HOT players. They are flawless and they wear these heavenly shorts. Their legs are impeccable. They are kind of beefy, but in a good way like prime rib or a filet mignon. Not the nasty beefy like Rosie O’Donnel. Anyways, I digress. Oh yeah, if their teammate ever misses the serve (faults), the other team members on the sidelines have to do crunches. So every game you get to see like 7 girls doing these special crunches that are just so special! (Hold on, I’m crying).

Anyway, Pepperdine wins again. Then it’s time for the last game. Well game 4. Pepperdine came out strong and got a 10 point lead quickly, then 11, 12. We’d score one for every 5 they scored. Soon it was something like 24 or 28 to 12. Then everyone heard this an engine shutting down. Then I looked up and saw a light blow out then the entire Thunderdome went PITCH BLACK! Everyone stomped their feet and started chanting U-C-S-B and GAUUUUCHOOOS! I had the bright idea of using my cell phone as a light and waving it back and forth. Soon everyone had the same idea. I felt some girl’s hand trying to take advantage of me. Okay, I lied. Nobody tried to touch me at all 🙁 Soon backup lights came on but very few so it was pretty dark. We thought maybe they might resume the game so we hung out for maybe 10 minutes but slowly each one started going out. First one, then another, then another. We decided to leave since being stuck in the gym when the last one went out was probably not a good idea. Most of campus is dark now and I think parts of the city are too.

What a great day!

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