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Thanksgiving My aunt decided not


My aunt decided not to make Thanksgiving lunch/dinner like she normally does so I decided to call Mido up to see if I could still go to her’s. She said yes so off we went to Hacienda Heights (I think) to her aunt’s house. Good food, funny relatives, Spider-Man, and watching her nap briefly. Neat fun.

The day after Thanksgiving Ted and I hit the big sales. We got a late start though because Ted had to meet his daily 12 hours of sleep. We went to Islands for lunch, Best Buy for dvd’s and the mall where Ted got a really bright shiny red shirt. It just screams PIMP. Then we went to see 007: Die Another Day then got wet fries and the Hat. Then off to meet Joyce and Vincent at Starbucks. The rain was a nice touch but made it difficult to see the road.

Let’s see what the rest of the weekend brings!

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