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Random Thoughts of the Day

Random Thoughts of the Day
1. Some people are so happy that it’s disturbing. Not because you are overwhelmed with their happiness, but rather than lack of authenticity.
2. Value good friends because they are the only ones that will last.
3. Brynn on Real World is hot.
4. Ted makes the coolest web projects.
5. Bond is a cool group. Check out their music.
6. My credit score is better than most adults. Can you imagine that?
7. 9 people in a Vegas hotel room will make for some very unique sleeping arrangements.
8. People that say “He must have too much time on his hands” are the same ones that never produce a single mildly entertaining product for others to enjoy. Go back to your mundane lives.
9. It sucks not having a digital camera. Hopefully Sony ships me one soon.
10. Sony Wegas are cool. 27″ where are you?
11. People who type in gay fonts and colors on AIM are annoying.
12. People need to be more creative with their buddy icons.
13. The Bible says don’t send chain letters to friends. Don’t piss off God.
14. Sting rules. Check out his new song with Craig David.
15. My patience never ceases to amaze me. My lack of courage even more so.

Peace and good luck with finals.

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