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What up! We got some

What up! We got some pretty crazy weather on Wed., the last day of the semester before finals, and it was crazy. We got hail, sleet, rain, snow, followed by hail, more sleet, and more rain. It was awesome!!! It was so cool cause since it was the last day of school and we didn’t have to study till the next day, we went sledding! It was beautiful. However, for the next 24 hours, we didn’t have any electricity. Bummer! When it comes to snowstorms, Tony the Tiger says it best, “They’re GREAT!!!!”

Ironic Story of the Day

So my friend and her roommate had their cars parked in their parking lot. They weren’t parked near each other. So the snow was followed up by the rain which eventually froze up all the trees and branches. The branches aren’t strong enough to withstand so much weight, and apparently the trees aren’t either. So the next morning, they went outside to get some breaksfast. To their surprise, out of all the cars in the parking lot, only their cars were decorated with a nice tree on top of their car. Of all the trees in the parking lot, the only 2 trees that fell were the ones that they had parked under. Both windshields were smashed and there is a nice dent on their hood. So funny, but so sad.

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