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I promised Ted I would

I promised Ted I would write about my streaking story, so here goes.

So, on Wednesday I had a final at noon for my Superhuman class. As we were getting seated, a guy showed up fully dressed as Spider-Man. He had the full head mask and everything. Everyone was yelling he should get an A for all the extra credit. Finally the exams are passed out at 12:30 or so (yes it was delayed).

Twenty minutes into it, we hear all this comotion. BTW, we are sitting in the front of a huge jam packed theatre. This guy with a Robin mask and a cape runs down the aisle and jumps on stage. He is butt naked. He gives a speech. I think he was supposed to be a villain or something. I really didn’t hear what he said except “I give you these comics and these trading cards!” Then he proceeded to throw out comic books and trading cards to the audience. Then he said something like “Nothing can stop me now!”

At that instant, two guys to our right (already in the seats) stood up. They have more colorful outfits but still cape, Robin mask, and some sort of thong/pants. They yelled in unison, “Not if we can help it!” Then they tore off whatever was covering what was left of their manhood and they chased the first naked guy off the stage and out the exit.

The whole time my TA stood under the stage (it’s elevated) with her mouth open in awe. It was 15 feet and a slip away from a much funnier conclusion.

Take care.

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