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Cut & Paste PuffTedD: why

Cut & Paste

PuffTedD: why yoga?
GiMpYiP: cuz it teaches you to relax
GiMpYiP: and i would lessen the stress
GiMpYiP: and then i would be better in bed
GiMpYiP: haha
GiMpYiP: sex wise
PuffTedD: LOL
PuffTedD: hahahahhahaha
PuffTedD: are there any hot chicks in the class?
GiMpYiP: some decent looking white chicks
GiMpYiP: with nice ass
GiMpYiP: but face is decent
GiMpYiP: not great but not ugly
PuffTedD: ask them to practice yoga with you
PuffTedD: in bed
GiMpYiP: true true
GiMpYiP: not now..when they get more flexible

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