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Today I went to the

Today I went to the taping of MTV’s Super Bowl XXXVII Tailgate Spectacular. It was filmed in this parking lot across the street from Qualcomm Stadium. Only me and Ryan went, cuz one of my other roommates flaked. Anyway, we get there at 8 am. Thinking that we can park in the lot. NOPE! Gotta park over at the stadium. So we stand in line for a while to get in and they announce that we can park inside and not have to wait in line if we do so… back across the street we go! We drive up, get checked in, park inside, get a krispie kreme donut, and get right into another line that goes into the set. Hours pass and finally we get to go to the set. It was pretty cool. They had this blue asrtoturf field thing, with a stage for the hosts and cars all around, like a tailgate party of course. The audience basically stood around the fake field cheering all day. There was free catered food.. yum! Speaking of yum.. Jolene Blalock was there.. SO HOT. Also there were some pretty hot chicks. They even had a pool with bikini girls 🙂 Sum 41 performed on top of these trucks. Pretty cool setup.. each band member got a truck bed and people were able to stand between the cars.. like a “pit”. They had a couple of funny pre-filmed skits. One involves Jimmy Kimmel drinking mexican water. But the best part was Wee Man. He dressed up as a football and was flown through the uprights into a giant vat of nacho cheese! It was great. Watch the show on Sat and look for me in the crowd!


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