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Man, today was badass. In

Man, today was badass. In yoga, there’s this semi-hot chick in the class with a hot ass body. She has decent looking boobs. Good grief, she’s so damn flexible. She wore a white tanktop with a tan/peachy color bra. When the whole class had to do this pose called Swan Dive. In this pose, we had to put our feet together and then dive to the point where your hands are touching the ground, but you are still standing. When she did her dive, it looked as if her boobs were going to fall out of her tanktop. My gosh, it was totally mind bloggling. I couldn’t concentrate on my yoga. Therefore, I was just staring at her with my jaw falling out of my face. Man, that was a good way to start my day considering that was my first class of the day. Good Stuff!!!

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