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Linkified Story (TM) Today I

Linkified Story (TM)
Today I woke up and had some breakfast. I had one of Mike’s eggs and a sausage patty. It was okay. I made it a bit too salty though! Basically I spent the rest of the day just messing around when I should have been studying. I was waiting for my friends Steve and Macy. They were off in the Los Padres National Forest geocaching. Why so far out there? Well they were looking for a 5/5 cache called Baby Bessie. My job was to wait for Steve’s call and if I didn’t hear from him, I was to call his parents in Anaheim so they could alert Search and Rescue.

Well thank goodness I did hear from him at about 5:30. Him and Macy showed up at my door about 45 minutes later looking pretty tired and smelling like they had hiked 18.5 miles (they did). I pointed them to the showers and offered them some water. I played a nice long round Halo deathmatch with Steve. I think the score was 25 to 5 or something, he won. After I went to read for my tax class. I have a midterm on Monday. Sucks. While I was studying, they took a nap. At about 8PM, we left for one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara – The Palace Grill. While we were waiting in line, Macy called his friend Christine. She was supposed to meet us there but she was running late. We finally were seated after a relatively brief wait. 2 minutes later, guess who shows up? Yup, their friend from highschool. She also went to Westmont College with Macy.

Anyways, stunning girl. True SB type of girl. Dark hair, dark green/hazel eyes (I could not really tell). Not overdone or overproduced. Pretty elegant. Nice diamond earings, small..not Numba 1 Stunna Baller type. Matching diamond ring. Married? Hope not. Anyway, we order a bunch of food (Sampler platter for 2, times 2) and we all were eating and she was talking, lots. About Polo and horses and buying and selling of horses and Polo. Interesting stuff. Anyway, the whole time we are there, I feel something rubbing against my left leg. Macy sat across from me, Steve to my left, and Christine to Macy’s right. For the first 10 minutes I dismissed it then after a while it became obvious something was rubbing against it. So I looked at Macy, thinking maybe he batted on that side of the plate. But no, it really would not be physically possible for a man to hold his foot in mid air that long and rub against my leg. So then I realized it must be Macy’s friend. Yummy. Now don’t get me wrong, I am sure she either did not realize or thought she was rubbing against the legs of the table…uh which are metal…but uh soft yet firm like a human leg… Who was I to complain. I let her rub all night long. We were there a good amount of time too, talking about Polo and horses.

So maybe 15 minutes into dinner, these four very well dressed cute girls walk in together and sit down. At first I am like wow, like a hip mature college group. Nope! Highschoolers, probably done early with their Winter Formal. They were little kids trying to look old. My kind of girls! Ooops, I mean yuck! Anyway, we are kind of checking them out and they were looking at us, so that was a bit interesting. The best part was figuring out why four girls would go to a restaurant together all dressed up. Did they go stag? No, they were all pretty enough to get dates. Or maybe they were lesbians? No, this wasn’t a Miller Lite commercial. What could it be? Then an hour later the answer came. Their dates came in. Like four or five guys dressed up Halloween style with costumes ranging from marathon runner complete with short shorts to rock star. If I was a girl and those were my dates to the ball, I wouldn’t want to be seen with them either.

Toward the end of dinner, Christine was like “So fellas, what’s going on? Should we go play pool?” Wow, pretty girl wants to go play pool. Yummy. But then I realized I have to study for my tax midterm. Okay, lame excuse. Real reason was it was like 3v1. I only knew Steve well. I know Macy through Steve. And I know Chrstine because she was rubbing my leg – so not too well. And she was kind of intimidating. So we were walking back to Steve’s truck so he could grab me a cd and so Macy could drop off his leftovers. Then we started walking towards the pool hall Q’s. When we reached where I had to leave for my car, I wished them goodbye. Steve said bye, Macy was voicing his views on how gay it was to be studying on a Saturday night, and Chrstine said “Oh? You have to leave? Well goodbye”. So I stuck my hand out to shake and instead she opened her arms and gave me a hug. What a friendly girl!

So that is my story of the day. I thought it was pretty interesting. I don’t know what the rest of the weekend holds. Who knows, maybe I’ll take up Polo?

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