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Bad Ass Day!!!! Today, Claire

Bad Ass Day!!!!

Today, Claire and Steph took me to see the Los Angeles Kings game at the Staples Center. Man, Claire is bad ass. She got me luxury suite tickets. OMG!!!! It was unbelievable. I was caught by surprise. I was blindfolded on the way to the Staples Center. The whole time, I thought we were just going to Joe’s Crab Shack because that’s all I had been thinking about all week long. It turns out that the Staples Center was 1 Million times better than Joe’s Crab Shack. Good Grief. The seats included food and a room to watch the Kings. Also, there were seats right outside the suite for us to sit and watch the game live. Man, life could not get any better at that point. Only part which was sad was that the Kings lost 3 – 2. Damn those Islanders, but that was a great game and a great experience. THANKS CLAIRE!!! Even my favorite Kings player, Ziggy Palffy scored a goal. Woohoo!!! Then my folks took me out to this Shabu Shabu Buffet. That was terrific. Then I guess my mom knew the manager there so my dad and I got a free mug of beer each. To end the day off, I met Claire, Steph, David, and Ted at the California Brewing Co. where they had dinner, and I had a Creme Brulee. That was terrifc. So damn good. Then I drove back to Riverside after that. So that was my extraordinary day. Yay!!!

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