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Horrible Ass Day!!!! This was

Horrible Ass Day!!!!

This was the worst day ever..well not really but Lady Luck was definitely not on my side.

First I went to lunch with my sister and her ex. We got dim sum at 888, something I had been craving. Well I guess on weekdays they only make like 1/5th of the stuff they normally have and it just so happened they didn’t have much I liked. Darned.

Then on the way back I saw my coolest friend, Ted, speeding away. We were supposed to go to the tattoo parlor together but he ran home to SD without saying bye. 🙁

Then I drove back and went to Albertsons. When I got home I realized they forgot to put one of my bags in the cart so I was out like 5 items. I went back to the store and told them and the manager told me to just to get what I was missing. I could only remember four of the five items, so I am out my asparagus now 🙁 Then I drove back and my neighbor’s HOT HOT HOT rich little white girlfriend was just getting out of her sweet bimmer. She parks like her boyfriend – like shit. I was going to use it as an excuse to talk to her “Uh can you straighten out your car please?” but I was too wimpy. I don’t have the pimp skills like Ronbo. So I just took my groceries and went upstairs.

Then I started cooking dinner. I opened up the fridge and heard a loud crashing sound. The crushed garlic I had just bought flew out of the fridge door and smashed into the ground. There was shattered glass everywhere. I tried saving most of the garlic by putting it in a tupperware container but eventually I realized it was too risky to have chance having glass in the food. I got most of the glass out but thinking that Mike or I could be swallowing glass was not a cool idea. So I dumped everything.

What a sad day.

But wait, the entire weekend was not lost. I saw Daredevil – blah and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – funny!. I also got to see the cute girl at church, go to Mimi’s Cafe with Stanley, hang out with Claire, Vince, Ted, Ronald and Steph, and eat at California Brewing Company (good stuff except for the crappy bbq pork sandwhich).

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