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Stan’s Weekend Went to Vegas

Stan’s Weekend

Went to Vegas this weekend. My parents bought a house near the strip and we plan to rent it out. They said I could use it if no one’s renting it, but I am doubtful of that because of utilities and furnishings… there probably wouldn’t be any. Anyways we went to check out the building frame (since that was all that was up so far) and picked out some last details like carpet color and building color. After that, it was to MGM.

We checked in pretty late and after we dumped everything off we headed to the ‘best’ buffet in town. The Paris buffet. To tell you the truth, there isn’t much difference between the Belagio buffet and the Paris buffet, cept the Paris is a little higher quality and they have more types of roasted meat (like lamb). I was kinda disappointed they didn’t have any lobster, but I had my fill of shrimp, crab, and beef. I also had a nice dessert crepe at the end that was very good. The funny thing is that we leave and there’s a creperie just outside. They were selling crepes for 5 bucks a pop. Ouch.

So my parents and I split off. I took my bro to Gameworks for a while since he can’t gamble and afterwards, I ditched his ass and went to gamble away some money. I didn’t really expect to win any money so I just sat around playing some video poker, slots, and blackjack. Around 2 in the morn, I called it a day.

The next morn, we headed back to mpk and stopped by Barstow to shop a bit. After getting back, I hauled ass back to Irvine to finish a paper due today. All in all, pretty enjoyable.

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