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Stuff So Stanley was telling


So Stanley was telling me about his buffet and I forgot to tell him that the Belagio actually does have all that fancy stuff like lamb; you just have to go at the right time. For example, during Christmas you pay like $10 more but you get all the good food and all the champagne you can drink.

On other news, I had this weird dream. Now you have to remember, I never dream. Well everyone dreams supposedly but let’s say I don’t ever remember one or even remember having a dream. But last night I had a multi-hour one and it went something like this.

There was a man, a really old man, and he was blind. I don’t know why but he was. And apparently the things he loved most in his life were his dog and his newphew or son who was telling the story. Anyway, one day his dog got injured and was blind in one eye. So this old man, who isn’t supposed to be that smart, labored away in his basement and made some sort of super contact lens with electronics that helped restore vision to the dog. The dream even went down to the pitchblack basement to the corner where a little bit of light from the window let light in from the street. There the old blind man was carefully tinkering away at his creation.

So I guess eventually the device failed and the dog got sick and they had to put it down. But the narrator says that whenever one person or animal in a bond are broken (i.e dies), the other can’t go on without them. So if the dog was put down, the man would have to go too. But how do you go about killing a man? So there is a scene change and the narrator talks about a mysterious man in Japan that creates these dual suicide machine, this double death duality stuff. And there is a scene with a young Japanese girl and she is tied to a bed with a contraption at the end. They said she loves horses and I guess one of them was dying. Well it was a small room so they couldn’t bring the horse inside. They explained that in a loft on the ceiling right outside her door, she stored all her sheets with pictures of horses on them. All of a sudden there was a loud blast. One shotgun blasted the the girl from her crotch area and the other was pointed diagonally up at the loft. When the smoke cleared, you could see up and through her door to all the horse sheets now charred with the second shotgun blast.

Then I woke up horrified. Freaky huh?

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