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AIM Quote of the Day

AIM Quote of the Day
FizzleMan: a private concert, Linkin Park
Jungdew: oh, how do you get to go to a private concert?
FizzleMan: I joined the fan club and on a certain date they let people sign up.
FizzleMan: ted and I got tickets
Jungdew: i spent a lot of money on med school applications… don’t wanna rob my parents any more than i have to…. besides, i like home
FizzleMan: i got #69
FizzleMan: i think it’s cool you are goign to med school
Jungdew: are you trying to tell me something
Jungdew: ?
FizzleMan: although it would make our relationship difficult
FizzleMan: no, i really did get that number
FizzleMan: but i like the way you think

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