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Damned CHP! I was riding

Damned CHP!

I was riding to class today with my roommate listening to some music on my Zen when all of a sudden I was chased down by a CHP officer on a bike. He was patrolling the Highways of Isla Vista apparently and saw me, a criminal, and gave chase. He gestured and yelled, “Pull over your bike and stop!”. I nodded “ok!” but apparently I was not quick enough for him so he yelled and motioned some more “Pull over and STOP!!!!” So I look to make sure I am not cutting anyone off and I stop. I tell my roommate to go ahead to class. Cutting out the rest of the details, I got a ticket for riding a bike with both ears covered by headphones. Apparently a violation of California’s Vehicle Code. He even wrote down the color, make, and model of my bike like it was some dangerous vehicle.

P.S. People have been asking how much the ticket was. I asked the same thing and the cop had no clue. Funny thing is, I bet there are a total of 5 bike violations and officer was a bike cop. You’d think he’d know all the prices by heart. When I got a speeding ticket, the cop knew exactly how much it was. Anyway, I have to call the court in 10 days to find out. Anyone want to make guesses? It’s probably more since we are in a state of terror alert…


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