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Elizabeth Smart: Part Deux So

Elizabeth Smart: Part Deux

So when I first heard the kidnapped 15 year old was found, I just assumed her body in a forest. Much to my surprise and relief, she was found alive. I did think it was peculiar but after talking to alot of people, everyone shared suspicions. Alot of things don’t quite make sense here. Here are some things mentioned during the day.

1. Her sister was in the room and was awakened when the kidnapping occurred, yet waited many hours to notify her parents? My argument against this is that she wanted to keep her eyes shut so the kidnapper wouldn’t know she was awake and since the kidnapping took so long, she just fell asleep. Very unlikely…

2. Criminologists and experts will always tell you two things. a) Each time you are moved, your chances of staying alive decrease. Your chances of being killed are greatly increased with each location change. That’s why you should always fight kidnappers rather than have them move you since you’d rather die fighting. b) The longer you are kidnapped, the greater chances you have of being killed.

She was gone for 9 months and moved all over the country. When they found her, she was in perfect health.

3. She said she couldn’t escape because they were with her at all times. But..they never went to sleep? They never went to a supermarket or another crowded place so she could yell out “HELP! I am the missing girl!”. What would they do? Kill her right in the store? I don’t think so.

4. She’s 15. Is that too young or old to realize that something is wrong with kidnapping? When you are a kid, you have no problem going away with strangers because you don’t know better..but what about 15? Or is she just dumb for her age?

5. Her family is Mormon. They have pretty strict and unusual rules and ways of life (which I am not too knowledgable about). My friend Nick mentioned that some of his Mormon friends have real tough times dealing with being Mormon. Could this have been her escape?

6. The sad thing about this is that the truth will never get out. Imagine she admitted she went with them freely. Why would she? Trouble at home? Imagine the embarassment of the police dept. and her father (a national hero for childs’ rights).

Your thoughts?

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