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So I was at the

So I was at the library “working”, or as my bosses like to call it “sitting on my ass doing nothing”, and I ran into this very interesting book. The title of a book is called “Hip Hoptionary” by Alonzo Westbrook. It is the funniest book in the world. Here are some terminologies that I have never heard of:

ghetto bird – police helicopter

get your lean on – cruising in a freshly wahed car

snow bunny – white female

some – sex. “You gonna give me some tonight?”

hello – ayo’ hip-hop entrepreneurs – hip-hopreneurs

Washington DC – Chocolate City, Urrea

5 Responses to “So I was at the”

  • is it just me or did you switch from term->meaning to meaning->term part way through the list?

  • check it yo. i was gettin my lean on down in chocolate city with some hip-hopreneur homies. we catch sight of this fine ass snow bunny and i pull over to holla at her. i says ‘ayo! you gonna give me some tonight?’ next thing i know, we surrounded by blueboys and a ghetto bird. how was i sposed to know the bunny was a ho? peace.

  • LMAO! That was hillarious! Thanks to both Stanley and Ed for posting that!


  • I did not realize, but apparently half-way through the book, it does switches from term—>meaning

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