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My Terrific Last and Only

My Terrific Last and Only Two Days of Spring Break At Home

Unfortunately on Wednesday night of last week, I got food poisoning and that was not cool at all. So for all of Thursday, I could only eat soft stuff like yogurt and shit. So I finally got to go home on Thursday night after work. From Wednesday morning till Friday afternoon, I ate only yogurt and that’s it. What a great meal. Mmmm good!!! Friday, I ran errands down in Long Beach. My frat bro, Aaron, took me to this place called THE LOFT, which was near his house. I didn’t know what that was, but it seemed to me that a lot of southern cali people know that place very well. I ordered Island Chicken. Dude, that was terrific. It wasn’t that expensive and they gave me a shitload of food. Thanks to Aaron, I couldn’t pay for the bill. Then at night, I ate dinner with my folks. To end the night off, I went bowling with Steph, Claire, Eetien, and Yat at Beverly Bowl. It was good stuff. Steph, Claire, and I bowled over 130s the first round and then Claire blew everyone out in the next round. She was bowling mad in the second round cuz her first round score was not good enough for her. When Saturday came, I just hung out with Steph and Claire. Man, that day reminded me of the old days of FBT. Freakin Steph, she had to eat the pepper jack cheese not just once, but twice in front of my face…DAMN!!! SO GROSS!!! At night, Claire and I had a ALL YOU CAN EAT TORTILLA SOUP CHALLENGE. The PLAY BY PLAY will be on the next post, but damn that was a good ass two days of spring break. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Good Shit!!!

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