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Ever have someone piss you

Ever have someone piss you off and then wish something bad would happen to them? Have I got a story to tell. So I was walking from school back to my appartment today. I’m shuffling along and all of a sudden some schmuck on a skateboard brushes by me at high speed. How rude! As I’m grumbling to myself about how it’d be nice to see the guy hit something and go sprawling, he does just that. It would have been immensely funny cept for one fact. He runs smack into the side of a female biker, both going FULL speed. BOOM! It was one horrendous collision. Like Big Ass Football Player Tackle big. They both go flying to the ground. The chick’s bike is bent and broken. Both are entangled in a mass of metal and flesh. Very ugly sight. Luckily both seemed ok so I went on my merry way.

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