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Post Fuckers! FizzleMan: i dont

Post Fuckers!

FizzleMan: i dont know why claire and steph get to experience ronbo
FizzleMan: but not me
GiMpYiP: i need income badly
FizzleMan: it’s not right man
GiMpYiP: what are you talking about
GiMpYiP: you get them this weekend
FizzleMan: i dont care about them
FizzleMan: i want to hang out with you
FizzleMan: it hurst so bad
GiMpYiP: sorry dude
FizzleMan: my heart has a little empty piece
GiMpYiP: haha
FizzleMan: it’s cut out, shaped like a slice of cheddar cheese
GiMpYiP: gross
FizzleMan: and there is a sign hanging over it that says Looking for Ronbo
GiMpYiP: damn cheese
GiMpYiP: haha
GiMpYiP: no fu

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