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Funny Post of the Day

Funny Post of the Day

Okay, let’s assume by definition a “Quick Draw McGraw” is a man who shoots his pistol within X minutes when being with someone else in the firing range. What should be the value of X? Is it 5 minutes? 10 minutes?

Also, I heard that guys with small pistols tend to fire faster than guys with 356 magnums. I’m worried this might be the case for me. Now, I’ve only been in the firing range solo but I’ve timed myself and sometimes I have fired my pistol within 1 minute. Is the firing rate of being in the firing range by yourself usually faster than when you’re in the firing range with someone else?

What’s the quickest you guys have fired your gun (either by yourself or with someone else in the firing range)? Do you usually fire faster by yourself or with someone else?

If you tend to fire quickly is it possible to train yourself not to fire so fast when someone else is in the firing range? Thanks for any info

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