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This is exactly why I

This is exactly why I carry knives geocaching!

6 Responses to “This is exactly why I”

  • You know, i think a cell phone might have been a better investment (assuming that he would get a signal from his location)

  • that is hardcore.

  • what if the boulder pinned your cock? would you amputate it?

  • Well Ted, seeing as how the boulder could probably only pin what? 20? 30 inches of cock, I would gladly amputate it. The 70 some inches left would be sufficient. Since it’d be so numb from the blood loss, I would use it to aid me in repelling down to the bottom.

  • god tiddy, you are a sick mother fucker… want your cock amputated huh?

  • HAHA!! Using the cock to repel yourself to the bottom…that’s great!

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