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David’s Four Days in San

David’s Four Days in San Diego
I’ve always been impressed by good storytelling, especially when it is filled with good hyperlinks so the reader (you guys out there), can click on the peoples, places, and things in the story and learn more about them. With that said, I am going to write about my trip to San Diego this past weekend and hopefully keep up this fine tradition. Please be patient, this may take multiple entries.

On Thursday (May 15, 2003), I left Santa Barbara and drove home to Monterey Park. This was after I left the post office and topped off my tank at the Chevron station near my school. I got to LA and had scrambled eggs and a french roll. Then I relaxed a bit and then drove to SD. I took the 710 then 5. There was traffic from the get go even though the reports said otherwise. I got to SD around 6:30PM I believe.

I asked Ted what amazing things he had planned for us that evening and he promptly replied “We are watching TV!” I took that as a precursor for the joys to come. We went to this Japanese restaurant I like called Niban. I like it because they have these California Rolls that are baked with a spicy sauce on top. Unfortunately the chick behind the counter didn’t understand what I meant so she just gave me the California Special. What is that you ask? Something fancy? Well not quite. It’s just Cali Rolls with roe on top. What’s funny is every other Japanese place just calls this Cali Rolls, but this place thinks it’s “special”. I also found croquet which I LOVE! And they were only 95 cents each as opposed to the $2.50 I pay in SB. After we came back, we watched Must See TV on NBC. The season finale of Friends was quite funny. Then there was some gay frolicking with Ted and Ryan.

On Friday, we woke up early to go to Irene’s Sun God party. We were supposed to be there at 8 AM but we showed up an hour and a half late. We ate lots and lots of good food. I was impressed with the quality of food and alcohol there. Around 1:45 we left and hurridly went to the UCSD campus so Ted could attend his Operations Management Econ class. It was very boring and lots of the stuff flew over my head, but the professor seemed pretty cool. Class ended and we went to walk around the booths to see the vendors. We saw the crappy UCSD Karaoke club and some six packs doing a push up competition. Ryan ran up to us and threw a water balloon at Ted. It also hit me. Then Carny’s girlfriend came up and said hi to us and gave us free cookies! Ted then showed me the Price Center where I had to use the restroom. After we came out we paused and watched a hispanic sorority do a step dance routine. How odd. One of the girl’s was named Epic (it said on her jacket). I guess it was short for “Size of Epic Proportions”. We then went to find Irene and her friends but they were nowhere to be found. We met up with Lance, Ryan, and Carny and headed over to La Jolla Shores to the new waterpolo house. The house was just SPECTACULAR! I was so impressed by it and the rent was really cheap too! After that we went to a pub called Rock Bottom and drank some more. By then everyone was pretty drunk. We then went to Sun God and saw some pretty cool acts perform. We dropped Irene and her friend off at her place then went home.

On Saturday morning, I got up and called Mido to see if she and Sam wanted to hang out. She was asleep so I went online and as luck would have it Sam was online! I IMed her and then soon after Mido called me on my cell. We made plans and waited. Ted and I were supposed to go get lunch first but the movie showing on the tv piqued his interest. It was “The Hot Chick” The movie was horrible but just like Ted’s other favorite movie, “Dude, Where’s My Car?”, he thoroughly enjoyed it. We went to Bank of America for Ted to deposit his bling bling paycheck (He only worked for 2 hours and made $60 bucks, you do the math). Then we went to Sav-Ons so Ted could get allergy medicine. Then off to Mido and Sam’s place. We went in Mido’s Toyota Previa and off to Calsbad we go. We ate at a German deli. The food was just ok, not spectacular. The prices kind of sucked too. I paid $4 for crappy cheesecake. Then we went to pick strawberries. That was fun. The operators were hispanics. They convinced the affluent whites of North San Diego to pay $4.00 for a little styrofoam bucket ($8 for one larger) and to go out and pick the strawberries themselves. Talk about an ironic turning of the tables! After we went to the outlet down the street. I was very impressed with it. It’s nicer than most malls! Then we came back to Ted’s place where he gave the girls a tour. After that it was back to their place. We chatted for a bit and left. Later that night we picked up Irene and we went to dinner in Hillcrest at a placed called Taste of Thai. It’s supposed to be the highest rated Thai place in San Diego. It was pretty good. Reasonably priced as well. Then we went to Pacific Beach for a grunion run. When the females lay eggs in the ground, they look really scary. Then we went on top of this hill where there is a massive cross. We had to leave because all the prom dates had gone up there for a lover’s lane. As we left two police cars came up. Close call! At night, some more gay frollicking with Ted and Ryan.

Today we woke up and went to Pacific Beach to eat breakfast at a place called the Broken Yolk. I had OJ, banana pancakes, and a western benedict. Very yummy. Lots of food too! Then we went to the beach and found not one, but two geocaches! Then we came back to Ted’s place, I packed, and I drove back to Monterey Park, then back here to SB.

What great fun! More pictures can be seen here!

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