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Cereal Idiocy I almost didn’t

Cereal Idiocy

I almost didn’t believe my roomate when he told me about this…

Have you seen the commercials on TV for applejacks and how they wanted them to make them really taste like apple? Pretty stupid huh? Well, of course the kids that all love applejacks (i know anyone who eats applejacks) rebelled and declared they didn’t want that.

Now the marketing guy is in trouble, they need a change in applejacks to make it more popular. So what do they decide to do? The same thing every cereal does when it’s in trouble. Add marshmallows!

So now kids get to choose between 3 marshmallows to add to their favorite cereal. The problem is that they must have had to go through the bargain bin of marshmallow shape cutters cause they are ALL horrible. First off is the blue carrot. WTF is that? Who wants carrots in their cereal and why the hell are they blue?! Aren’t carrots orange? The next one is most horrible of all. The BROWN BANANA. My GOD the stupidity is astounding. Let’s put little brown TURDS in our cereal! The idiot who thought that up needs to be shot… Anyways, so it seems like we have some kinda weird colored fruit/veggie theme right? Nope! The last shape is the orange disk! Yes, orange disk is what it’s officially called. It’s round and it’s orange. Why the hell don’t they just call it an orange? I have no idea. Like I said, the stupidity is astounding.

So, if you’d like to see if they’re really stupid enough to put brown turds into applejacks, go to to vote!

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