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Hey man…we still here: So

Hey man…we still here: So I’m taking this sociology class, something to do with behavior at work, I’m too lazy to actually look it up. But I started readint this book called Gig:Americans Talk about their Jobs, and we had to read this one guy whose profession is of a “Crime Scene Cleaner” who was inspired by the movie “Pulp Fiction” and the character “Harvey Keitel”. This guy gets laid off and then watches this movie and decides he wants to start his own business in cleaning up crime scenes. So he starts off by working for Merry Maid and then learns that cleaning is not very hard. So he begins his own company, with his wife, and begins to advertise using mortuaries and police departments, and he goes into gruesome details of people committing suicide and murdering others. But the point is that it takes this guy a few hours to clean up a room and he charges a few Gs. Now he has contracts with Motel 6, Safeway, Vons, and other motel chains. Apparently, Motel 6 is THE place to commit suicide or set up a meth lab. I would go into more detail, but I’m lazy and I’m tired. But I just thought it was an interesting read. Later Days!

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