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Matrix Easter Egg 1) Go

Matrix Easter Egg

1) Go to

2) Select High Bandwidth

3) There will be a yellow button on the far right click on it.

4) A Small box will appear, click to the right of it to make the pannel open. Then click the green button (kinda hold it) to open a binary access panel.

5) You will then be asked to type in a binary code: 01101111

6) You will then be able to convert a secret Hexadecimal number into binary: Hexadecimal – A3B1A428 or in binary – 1010 0011 1011 0001 1010 0100 0010 1000

Then once you are done, you will be able to download a 43 meg file which is a Nebuchadnezzar model builder.

Have fun

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